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If it’s fo FREE it’s fo ME

Remember the days of Limewire? It’s crazy to think now that as a 10 year old i was risking jail time only to download Buy_u_a_dRanK_T_PAin? I’m pretty sure Limewire is what caused multiple of my parents’ computers to crash but of course i will deny that to this day. Now that the age of Limewire is long gone, its interesting to think about how we listen to music now.


There’s a fine line between what is considered private intellectual property and the idea that if its out there on the internet its considered fair game to alter it however you want, like GirlTalk. Unfortunately, once you choose to upload your work for the world to see, there’s not much you can do about those individuals who choose to alter your work and create something totally new and different. Now don’t get me wrong, some remixes are actually pretty decent and its entertaining to see a different artist put their take on another artist’s work on the internet, sometimes it’s even better than the original. But unfortunately,  some of these creative souls like to take credit for the original work as well as their fresh take on the piece which therefore brings up the legal issues about musical remixes.

I think choosing to upload your music to any website platform is just like any other business deal, there are significant risks. After all, you gotta risk it to get the biscuit.

Postmates Introduces Grocery Delivery

In this article from The Verge, Postmates announced this week that they will be launching a new grocery delivery service, called Postmates Fresh. Postmates is a delivery service app that has delivered groceries in the past but this is the first time ever that they will be partnering directly with grocery stores in this new tab of their current app specifically for grocery shopping. In celebration, the company released  a complete redesign of the app.


The company is partnering with local organic farms and grocery stores to provide everything from meat, vegetables, and dairy to alcohol, deserts, and home supplies. Postmates is putting delivery times at 30 minutes on average, compared with two to three-hour reserved windows for Instacart and Amazon Fresh. For now, Postmates fresh will only be available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York in order to cater to their current customers who do not have issues with paying for expensive groceries and fees who also lack the time to go grocery shopping on their own.

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Streamin’ is a habit

In a Wired article written by Chris Anderson, the term “long tail” is first introduced. the Long Tail is used to refer to the large number of products sold in small qualities compared to the small number of products that are deemed best-sellers. So theoretically, the market share created by a few best selling items is comparable to that of the sales of the large quantity of not-so-popular items. Anderson saw that items not in high demand could be profitable due to their low distribution and production costs.  He predicted that in the 21st century our buying as a whole would shift to an economy of niche purchasing as a result of abundant online databases and algorithm recommendations.

Due to the popular increase of  streaming websites, it is not hard to concur that Anderson was accurate in his predictions. Consumers across the U.S. are likely to pay for multiple streaming website subscriptions a month. For example, I myself pay for Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, and I am currently using m free trial on Apple Music. Overall, I spend entirely too much money on all these sites a month, but they are all  great examples of popular business models.


For most of these sites, they implemented free trials where consumers can experience some or all of the benefits the service offers without having to pay, or more commonly referred to as ‘freemium’ subscriptions. I personally started out with the free version of spotify but it only took approximately one week for me to learn that I did not enjoy the limitations and restrictions the free version offered and opted to buy the premium subscription. Which is a great business model for them. By offering only a few of the benefits of a premium subscription, they hook users  by only giving them a taste of how convenient and entertaining their site is.

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Amazon has also become one of the leading online retailers because of their impeccable use of algorithm recommendations. Have you ever noticed when you are purchasing something from Amazon and below the item you are looking at it has a row of “Products You May Also Like” and a second row of “People Who Bought This Item Also Bought:”? I swear Amazon has almost become as bad as target for me; every time I go to just buy one thing, I end up with a cart full of stuff I don’t need. And the worst part is, I usually forget the item I specifically went there to buy!


Journalism Product Development

As a student who has studied fashion merchandising over the last five years, i find this aspect of our curriculum very close to my field. During my undergrad, we discussed a lot about product management and development in the apparel industry which i realize is not entirely the same as journalism product management, but there are a few similarities.

In my future career field, technology is very important. With the rapid growth in e-commerce coding has become more of a desired skill to add one one’s resume. Since both fashion and technology are rapidly changing fields I feel as if that is a very big similarity between the two.


This article explains how journalism as a whole needs to start teaching technology to journalism students in order to better prepare them for the job hunt they face after graduation. In this day and age, journalism is starting to rapidly turn away from the days of printed newspapers and everything is shifting online.

Women Who Code

Women Who Code is an incredible nonprofit organization that offers great benefits such as scholarships and helpful resources for women who want to join the technology field. One of the women who is attending the Texas State University’s Women Who Code panel, Holly Gibson, is actually an executive director for Women Who Code so I believe her insight on the organization and women in the technology field in general will be very interesting. The other panelists who will be in attendance include Becky Larson, a web developer for USAA; Ashley Hebler, a web developer for Cox Media Group and Fans 1st Media; Kimberly Cook, a web developer for Zenoss; Erica Toney,  a web developer for Rainman Creative; and as mentioned above, Holly Gibson an executive director of Women Who Code. All of these women attended Texas State University and received their master’s degrees from this institution as well so it will be interesting to hear their journeys.

Questions I have for the panelists:

  1. Do you ever feel like your gender is looked down upon in your career field? If so, how?
  2. Is there any advice that you would give to women who wish to pursue a career in technology?
  3. What has been the biggest difficulty you have faced during your career up to this point?

Google Empire

Ever since I can remember, I have always used Google as my search engine. Even back in the days of using my parents’ dial-up computer around 10-15 years ago. Even now when I open a new window and somehow Bing magically appears to be my new search engine I immediately switch back over to Google. Not to be dramatic, but ever since I downloaded Chrome as my new browser (I was really late to join the bandwagon because I am not a technologically savvy person) my life has gotten 8000 times better. There is a significantly noticeable difference in the speed of Chrome compared to that of Internet Explorer or even Safari and i will officially never switch back.

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Of course one common question that comes up about Google is how do they even make any money if it’s free to use?? The main source of revenue for Google is their platform Google Adwords. Of course, Google’s top competitors are other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, MSN and others but their revenues are no where near that of the Google empire.



I definitely found the Google Analytics course very informative and intriguing. I someday would love to own my own business so i found the information taught in this video to be very useful if i ever do decide to purse that dream! Every week I definitely learn something new in this class, and by far this has been the most interesting.

Social Media Research

It’s no secret that social media has become a very big part of our everyday lives as consumers. Personally, I check my multiple social media platforms mindlessly numerous times throughout the day.

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Most people claim to use social media sites like Facebook in order to keep in touch with distant friends, acquaintances, and relatives. But does social media really keep us in touch or out of touch? It’s a common misconception that keeping up with everyone on social media sustains better relationships, but research shows that the opposite is actually true.

In this article from Mashable, the author discusses how we use our phones and social media in intimate moments while we are having dinner with friends and family or even in the bedroom causing rifts in our personal relationships. Of course this issue does not apply to every social media user, but it is becoming a serious issue in today’s society.

My friends and i have begun the affect on our relationships so we have begun to try to make an effort to spend more time together in person. In fact, every time we go to dinner together we all set our phones in the center of the table and the first to pick theirs up has to pay for dinner, which is a great incentive for broke college students! The point is, although social media does have its advantages with keeping relationships with acquaintances, people need to realize that they should not let their personal relationships suffer from excessive social media use.

Who Run The World? GIRLS

It’s no secret that women are not as prominent in the technology field as men. We all know that the internet was created by Robert E. Kahn, the World Wide Web was created by Tim Berners-Lee, even the telephone was originally created by Alexander Graham Bell. And what do these people all have in common? They are all rich, white dudes! Technology has been a field dominated by men ever since the beginning. And quite frankly, its time for that to change.

As Professor Royal pointed out in Gender and Technology: Women’s Usage, Creation, and Perspectives , more bachelors degrees are obtained by women than men but only a small percentage of women’s’ degrees (12.9%) are computer science degrees. Which is shocking because women consumers use the internet significantly more than males! Now of course there are a lot of factors that contribute to this low number, but a large influence on the shocking low rate is the idea that women can not advance as far in their careers as men.


It’s no shocking revelation that the wage gap between men and women needs to seriously be reevaluated. As the article from Business Insider states, even after the US Equal Pay Act was passed 54 years ago we still are facing the issue of unequal pay which is highly unacceptable. Black and Hispanic women have even more issues trying to receive equal pay. We can build our resumes, acquire new skills, and expand our contacts and still receive only, on average, 79 cents to the dollar that men earn. No matter how hard we try, women will always have the glass ceiling looming over our heads.




The New Kind of Online Shopping

If there is ever anything that I need to do more research on in my consumer life, my go to “search engine” is Pinterest. Not only can you shop on Pinterest, you can also find recipes, home decorating tips, beauty hacks, gift ideas, memes, and even workout routines. It is basically ever girls’ perfect website. Not only is it easy to navigate it is also incredibly easy to store all the information you find useful by “pinning” the link to one of your boards. As an avid Pinterest user, I have multiple boards all dedicated to certain topics or themes to keep my page organized and easy to locate that one article I found that one time.


Image from Google

When Pinterest was originally introduced, it was not very well-known. In order to create a Pinterest profile you first had to be invited by a current member, then you had to submit an application to the website asking to create a profile. Sounds extensive right? This in turn created the sense of exclusivity making every girl want to be able to use the perfect search engine. I first created my account about two months after they got the app up and running which was an incredible time. I was one of the first users so the amount of items i have “pinned” over the years is probably a little ridiculous to some people (over 15K but who’s counting, right?) As time went on, I started noticing more and more ads to join Pinterest popping up on websites and social media platforms, i even once saw an ad in a magazine!

Over the years as Pinterest has grown exponentially, social media platforms have also begun to promote Pinterest on their sites and in turn, Pinterest includes links to social media pages on top searches. Unfortunately for Tumblr, with the growing popularity of Pinterest its raings and users has drastically declined.


Now, many retailers promote their businesses on Pinterest in order to increase online sales and advertisement. Pinterest has definitely changed the game over the years and I believe that it will continue to grow in popularity due to its constant uploading of new information.