Who Run The World? GIRLS

It’s no secret that women are not as prominent in the technology field as men. We all know that the internet was created by Robert E. Kahn, the World Wide Web was created by Tim Berners-Lee, even the telephone was originally created by Alexander Graham Bell. And what do these people all have in common? They are all rich, white dudes! Technology has been a field dominated by men ever since the beginning. And quite frankly, its time for that to change.

As Professor Royal pointed out in Gender and Technology: Women’s Usage, Creation, and Perspectives , more bachelors degrees are obtained by women than men but only a small percentage of women’s’ degrees (12.9%) are computer science degrees. Which is shocking because women consumers use the internet significantly more than males! Now of course there are a lot of factors that contribute to this low number, but a large influence on the shocking low rate is the idea that women can not advance as far in their careers as men.


It’s no shocking revelation that the wage gap between men and women needs to seriously be reevaluated. As the article from Business Insider states, even after the US Equal Pay Act was passed 54 years ago we still are facing the issue of unequal pay which is highly unacceptable. Black and Hispanic women have even more issues trying to receive equal pay. We can build our resumes, acquire new skills, and expand our contacts and still receive only, on average, 79 cents to the dollar that men earn. No matter how hard we try, women will always have the glass ceiling looming over our heads.




The New Kind of Online Shopping

If there is ever anything that I need to do more research on in my consumer life, my go to “search engine” is Pinterest. Not only can you shop on Pinterest, you can also find recipes, home decorating tips, beauty hacks, gift ideas, memes, and even workout routines. It is basically ever girls’ perfect website. Not only is it easy to navigate it is also incredibly easy to store all the information you find useful by “pinning” the link to one of your boards. As an avid Pinterest user, I have multiple boards all dedicated to certain topics or themes to keep my page organized and easy to locate that one article I found that one time.


Image from Google

When Pinterest was originally introduced, it was not very well-known. In order to create a Pinterest profile you first had to be invited by a current member, then you had to submit an application to the website asking to create a profile. Sounds extensive right? This in turn created the sense of exclusivity making every girl want to be able to use the perfect search engine. I first created my account about two months after they got the app up and running which was an incredible time. I was one of the first users so the amount of items i have “pinned” over the years is probably a little ridiculous to some people (over 15K but who’s counting, right?) As time went on, I started noticing more and more ads to join Pinterest popping up on websites and social media platforms, i even once saw an ad in a magazine!

Over the years as Pinterest has grown exponentially, social media platforms have also begun to promote Pinterest on their sites and in turn, Pinterest includes links to social media pages on top searches. Unfortunately for Tumblr, with the growing popularity of Pinterest its raings and users has drastically declined.


Now, many retailers promote their businesses on Pinterest in order to increase online sales and advertisement. Pinterest has definitely changed the game over the years and I believe that it will continue to grow in popularity due to its constant uploading of new information.

New Media and What it Means to Us

Contrary to what many people may think, the terms “digital media” and “new media” are not interchangeable. Digital media refers to the storage and transmission of information that was converted to digital form rather than analog from as it had been in the past.  New media is mostly refers to more intricate matters. The term new media can apply to any new development in technology, such as the recent upbringing of on-demand television or anything related to that.

Bush and Engelbart shared a lot of common views about technology. Both theorized that it would become a very large part of consumer lives and would change the course of history. They also both believed that advancements in new technologies would make daily life significantly easier for society all around. Although they both made predictions about what they believed would evolve in technology over  the years to come, their views did differ in some ways.

Bush’s predictions tended to focus more into the developments of photography and data storage. Looking back now, some of Bush’s theories turned out to be extremely accurate. He theorized that many advances in technology would be beneficial to scientific research and would make finding information much easier, especially in photography and audio recording. Specifically, he predicted that auto focus and auto exposure would be huge turning points in the development of photography and he was correct. He also predicted that data could be compacted into smaller files, the example he used was that one day the encyclopedia could be sent to anyone at the cost of only a few cents. We now know this is true today, as we can easily download books and other large files in seconds with the use of flash drives and other storage devices.


Engelbart’s predictions again were similar, but slightly different. He agreed that new and emerging technology and media would make our consumer lives easier and he envisioned these adaptations in the form of augmenting human intellect. His theories again proved to be true. There are now soft wares such as speech-to-text and many others that coincide with his theory.

Augmenting Human Intelligence- Youtube

Personally, as I stated in my last post, I believe that the adaptations of these technologies is incredible. Our world as we know it today is growing more and more advanced as we are achieving goals that our ancestors probably would not have even imagined and i cannot wait to see where the next innovations take us.

Innovation and Our Society

In my opinion, the most important characteristics of innovation are complexity and simplicity. Throughout the last few decades, the United States was striving to become more technologically innovative by creating computers and developing the internet and the World Wide Web. In the beginning, scientists created computers that were massive machines, taking up entire rooms and costing ridiculous amounts of money to build and operate. as we know now, these were built with too much complexity in mind and not enough simplicity. While on the other hand, scientists such as Tim Berners-Lee when he was first developing a program similar to the World Wide Web were thinking in too small of a scale. In his initial programs, he was using too simplistic of terms to connect data and cause both of his first programs to become obsolete. In both of these examples, it is easy to see that the values of simplicity and complexity are very difficult to find the right balance and is even still true today. Many programs and websites today need to be kept simplistic enough for a common adult to be able to understand and comprehend what they are reading or doing, while as many video games need to be constantly adapting and adding complexity in order to keep consumers satisfied.




Some of the most significant events in our history that have led to the technology that we have today all occurred within the last fifty years, which is a very short amount of time when speaking relatively to the history of our country and the world.  The invention of the internet was a huge success for the United States and as we know today, it changed the course of history fr the entire world. But as Tim Berners-Lee stated in the excerpt of his book, before the introduction of the internet there was no way to transfer data from computer to computer. Berners-Lee decided to take it upon himself to develop a program that would be a useful tool in linking information that made it easier for humans to make connections in information without having to physically move from computer to computer.


After a few attempts at creating software that had the potential to do what Berners-Lee had hoped but were unable to stand up to the test and constant discouragement from his colleagues, he developed the most innovative software the world will ever see, the World Wide Web. Shortly after that, Mosaic which later turned into Netscape was developed by Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina which was one of the first web browsers. Both of these inventions have helped the internet form into what it is today, a user-friendly system that humans of all ages are able to access.


My impressions of some current technological trends that were listed in the Forbes article “Seven Predictions for How the Internet Will Change Over the Next Fifteen Years” are very hopeful. I believe the introduction of virtual reality will completely remodel the gaming and mobile phone industry because of the consumer’s constant need to have the “new and improved” technology. I also can see how the internet of things will become more and more popular as the connection between our numerous devices will make life much more convenient for consumers, such as the recent introduction of the Amazon Echo and Smart Houses. Because of these adaptations and others, I believe that the internet has become a positive thing for our society as a whole. The easier access to information and technology has made our generation more fascinated with the aspect of learning. Technology is constantly growing and evolving to the consumers’ needs around us and has made life more efficient and fast-paced and the amount of research and innovation that goes into these developments is unreal.


Going off of the results of the Web IQ quiz, my score was slightly above average. I got 8 out of 12 questions correct. Like the quiz, I do believe that I have a decent knowledge of technology and its entities. Although, there is still plenty that I do not know or am unfamiliar with.








The Internet: Behind the Web https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDucuVi5FrI